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Tairabunkai 2012 Disc 1-3 Fundamentals & Bunkai

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Item Description

Disc 1, 2 and 3 of a three part series.
The material presented in this DVD series begins with disc 1. Disc 1 contains many of the underlying principles, concepts and drills, leading to the development of skills necessary to perform at a high level the kata bunkai of traditional Okinawa Goju-Ryu practitioner Master Masaji Taira. You will learn how the "basic" blocks of karate really work, how the kata movements are linked together, how to intergrate sanchin and tensho kata into your karate. Disc 2 and 3 present Masaji Taira's unique bunkai from all 10 of the kata of Goju-ryu, in addition to a section on tensho kata's importance in bunkai.
Disc 1, Fundamentals is approx 50mins
Disc 2, Gekisai, Saifa, Seiyunchin, Shishochin kata is approx 30mins
Disc 3, Sanseru, Sepai, Kururunfa, Sesan, Suparinpei, Tensho is approx 30mins
You can purchase these DVDs as a set or individually, in NTSC and PAL formats. Shipping and Handling charges will apply for 3 DVDS.
Filmed in NJ, USA, April 2012