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Suparinpei Kata Instructional Streaming

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A detailed instructional DVD of Goju-Ryu's tenth and most advanced kata (requirement for rokudan). This DVD takes you through the kata a step at a time, explaining the key points to ensure a complete understanding of how to execute the kata correctly, in addition to supplementary exercises that will enhance the strength and focus of your kata. Suitable for those just learning the kata and for the advanced student.

Paul Enfield is a 7th Dan, Kyoshi. He has 40 years training in the martial arts. He started his training in the UK with 3 time World Iri-Kumi Champion Paul Coleman Kyoshi. He then lived and trained in Okinawa/Japan and became uchi-deshi (live-in disciple) to world famous Higaonna Morio Hanshi. Paul was the California representative for Eiichi Miyazato Hanshi a senior direct student of Goju-ryu founder miyagi Chojun, in addition to being a close student of bunkai expert Taira Masaji Hanshi.

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Also available as a DVD (in all world-wide (both NTSC and PAL) formats) in the DVD section of our online store.