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Suparinpei Analysis Streaming

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An analysis for application of Suparinpei kata. Each movement of the kata is examined for meaning and underlying principles.

Paul Enfield is a 7th Dan, Kyoshi. He has 40 years training in the martial arts. He started his training in the UK with 3 time World Iri-Kumi Champion Paul Coleman Kyoshi. He then lived and trained in Okinawa/Japan and became uchi-deshi (live-in disciple) to world famous Higaonna Morio Hanshi. Paul was the California representative for Eiichi Miyazato Hanshi a senior direct student of Goju-ryu founder miyagi Chojun, in addition to being a close student of bunkai expert Taira Masaji Hanshi.

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Also available as a DVD (in all world-wide (both NTSC and PAL) formats) in the DVD section of our online store.